Handy Manny + Sock Monkey = Cake Love

Like This!

This weekend was a fun cake weekend for me. I got to practice my sculpting skills, got to get familiar with my tools - cartoon style and I got to watch a netflix marathon of chick flicks as I pulled another (nearly) all nighter creating these cakes. I don't know WHY I do that to myself... but it never fails. Cakes = LATE nights for me. I kind of like it because it brings me back to my art school days. Anyhoo... enough chit-chat. Check out the cakes from this past weekend!

Where it all began...

Getting there... (btdubs: these next two are a cell phone pics. Sorry they're terrible!)

 Handy Manny Tool Box with cupcakes to boot!

In addition, there was this *adorable* one-year Sock Monkey birthday cake. I suppose I could have made a 3-D sock monkey cake, but as you can imagine... a one year old would not really be able to appreciate that. :)

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