How to cover a cake board

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For this week's TIP o' THE WEEK I thought I'd share with you steps to cover a cake board.

It's really easy, pretty quick and it only enhances your cake. 

When you've spent a lot of time decorating a cake to look it's best, it can be a bit of a bummer to, at the end of it all, have it sit on a white/gold/silver generic cake board. So...dress it up! *Another great thing about this: you can turn it ANY color you want* 

Step One: Using a hot glue gun, cover the sides of your board with ribbon.

Cut off the excess!

Step Two: Lather the board with vegetable shortening (or frosting) Make sure to put ample amount as some will automatically get absorbed into the fondant.

 Step Three: Roll Fondant to size and cover the face of the board.

Step Four: Wipe down the board with vegetable shortening. This cleans the fondant and leaves it looking nice and polished.

TaDaa! The perfect base for your cake. So much better than the generic white that it was originally. And it only took a few minutes!

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