How to Make a Cake Board

Like This!

A few weeks back, my TIP o' THE WEEK was to show you how to COVER your cake board. I guess I'm doing things a little out of order because this week I'm showing you how to MAKE a cake board!
Side note: Technically, I'm showing you how to make a cake drum (thick) with cake boards (thin). However, I don't often go for technicalities so I call everything a cake board. Sorry folks, that's just how I roll. (I'm also one of those people who refuses to order a Starbucks coffee using any of their fancy lingo. It's a Medium Soy Latte people... nothing more, nothing less.) But I digress...
SO, this is a GREAT tip if you need a cake board that is of a custom shape or size! I am showing you how to make it with standard 12" round boards, but once you know the skills, you can apply them however you'd like!

  • 3 Cake Boards (Thin, approx.  1/4") of any relative size/shape
  • Tape (This can be duct tape, masking tape... anything stronger than scotch tape)

Step One:
Apply the tape to the first cake board. (Enough so that it provides a solid hold)

Step Two: 
Apply the second cake board on top of the first. I recommend arranging it so that the corrugation of the board goes in opposite directions. This gives your finished product more stability.

Step Three: 
Repeat! Three boards layered together is sufficient, but if you'd like a thicker base for your cake... keep going!

Step Four: (Optional) 
Tape up the sides. You can run tape along the side of the boards or you can do as I have done here, adding strips.

Honestly, you don't have to do this step. But sometimes I like to because it makes it easier when applying the ribbon edge when you are covering your cake board.

And Viola! You have a wonderfully unattractive but sturdy DIY cake board. Now you just have to cover it!

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