Music Of The Night

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Ok, I've been on a bit of a break from the cake orders recently. But, I'm back! So, check out this Phantom of the Opera, Sweet 16 cake. Detailed pics and candle instructions included. Enjoy!

It's coming aloonngg......

The makings of a mysterious mask...

Candle Detail: Drippy old-school style candles, with ability to be lit. 

A) Wooden Dowels of appropriate thickness.
B) Standard candles of appropriate color (pre-burnt for old, runny-wax appearance)
C) Fondant of appropriate color
D) Tylose Powder added to Fondant for stiffness.

Step One: Add about a 1 1/2 Tsp. Tylose powder to a small ball of fondant. (This helps it to dry stiff, like gum paste.) Roll it out to the width you'd like, cut to the height you'd like.

Step Two: Stick Candle in one end. But not all the way, needs to have room to light.

Step Three: Stick wooden dowel in opposite end, until you feel it meet the candle. Make sure to leave enough extra exposed dowel to stick it in the cake!

Step Four: Enhance the candle by adding a touch of paint or extra fondant to make it look like dripping wax! Set aside and let them stiffen up. (At least a few hours.)

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