New Year, New Sitch: Life Update

Happy New Year baking buddies!

2011 was a pretty good year. It brought me a new marriage, a new JOB, a new kitchen so it's time for a LIFE UPDATE!

The past couple years I have been working from home doing graphic design. This was a great set up. It allowed me much more time to bake, decorate and play in sugar all day. (- While working hard at my REAL job, of course.) Although it was great fun and I loved the connection it was allowing me to form with you... I was getting antsy for my next career move. I missed the daily socialization, the hustle and bustle of it all. So I began to look around...

Meanwhile, I got married. (Hooray!) That was fun. Aside from all the obvious newness that a new marriage brings, it also brought me a smaller kitchen. My previous kitchen was very accomodating. Both in storage and counter space. Unfortunately, my current accommodations do not allow for such luxuries. We're currently in the hot spot of Columbus. The Short North. It's super fun! But, we are here for the convenient location, definitely not the spacious floor plan. #shoebox. It still works. It just involves much more strategic baking, as most of my tools are in storage. (Ok, so it's a bummer.) But hey! We can walk to all the trendy spaces! Ah, city living!

Then there was the job thing. Imagine a newly set up apartment. All boxes finally put away in every nook and cranny I can take advantage of. I get a call. "You have an interview. Today. In two hours [with a very reputable company]."

#$!@@!. Where did I put EVERYTHING??! A quick trip to some local retailers, my storage unit and then next thing I know I am sitting in a glass conference room in a very pretty, sleek office, in a very nice, big fancy building.

...I got the job. I got the job? I got the job! WOooo HOooo! - That was a good day.

This brings me to present day. 2012. Since I no longer working at home, I have tried to balance baking and work. It has been difficult. The luxury of flexibility is something I no longer have. For this reason, I want to let you know that I have to bake less. I've already come into a disappointing situation where I had to let a customer down and I don't want to do it again. So, I will have to be much more selective with the cakes I commit to. 

The good news (aside from the fact that I have a great new job, a great new husband and a happy home)? I also have a friend who is a PHENOMENAL baker and she's looking to expand her love of baking into something more. This means, fortunately for all of us - she and I will be pairing up to work together! Stay tuned, friends. You'll definitely be hearing from me (and her) again soon!

Until then, enjoy some personal highlights of mine from 2011.