Back At It

It's been quite a while since my last update. Time flies when you get married, get a new job, renovate a duplex and tear your tricep... What can I say?

How about this news: I'm back in the kitchen! Not as often as I used to be, mind you. I no longer work from home and my flexible schedule is not as flexible these days. But I manage to get a cake order in from time to time and I always enjoy it. It reminds me of my days at art school when I was up late working on some major project due the next day. The only difference here being that this is WAY better. Point being that it takes me back to my 'roots' a bit.

I may not post as often but if you are looking to get a cake, cookies or some kind of sweet eat - shoot me an email! Let's chat about it. I'm always down for making you a SWEET custom treat if I can. 


Here's a cake pop wedding I did last summer. In the kitchen currently I'm whipping up a custom, ombre printing wedding cake confection. Sure to be super chic and super yummy!