Wedding Bells: Now In An Ombré Purple Pattern!

How beautiful is this pattern? A co-worker of mine recently got married at The Venue @ Smith Brothers in downtown Columbus. (One of my fave wedding locations in town.) Her colors were purple and navy using an ombre purple in her flowers and invitations. I'd not seen this color coordination in a wedding setting previously but she executed it perfectly! The flowers and decor were so gorgeous in this brick, industrial setting. And of course the space was filled with candles. So gorg!

She also used this repeat pattern throughout her printed materials so we decided to incorporate it on the cake. Each tier is darker than the next and hand-painted. 

Her cake toppers are simple but super chic! Ordered from Etsy. They top the cake perfectly.

The flavors for this cake were almond cake and lemon, both with french vanilla buttercream. They'd requested the almond flavor be very strong. This was tricky because almond is a soft flavor. After a few trials, my solution was to bake with almond emulsion rather than almond extract. Extracts bake out slightly so the flavor is never as strong after it's baked. Emulsions don't have this side effect. They are almost a gel consistency and they provide a much stronger, purer flavor. I highly recommend them for your future baking! You can find them at the local cake supply shops or online. It was perfection!