It's Shower Time!

This weekend I made a cake for a baby shower. The requirements: "yellow, gray and elephant themed." Naturally, I started looking online for some inspiration photos. If you ever need a pick-me-up... google image search 'baby elephants'. SERIOUSLY.  Better yet - do an image search on Pinterest. (Fewer random pictures). I think it will just make you smile. Baby elephants are so freakin' cute! So... I was pretty excited to sketch out some ideas of this cake. As I do with all cakes, I provided a few sketched out concepts. Some ideas more illustrative, some more graphic and clean. The winner was this clean & simple design. My favorite part is how clean the side surface is, leaving all the detail in the top. 

The balloons and elephant are fondant with added Tylose powder to stiffen them. The frosting at the top is buttercream (same as inside cake), piped with a petal tip. The side is fondant to provide a super smooth surface.

Happy Baby Showering! 

Want to see the other designs created for this cake? Here are the original concepts: