I Cooked Four Times Last Year: An Introduction to Freezer Meals

I know this blog typically hosts cake posts exclusively but as my life evolves, so does my relationship with cake, food, design, etc. I feel it's only appropriate to allow this space to evolve as well. So, let's talk about something else, shall we? Freezer meals…

Although I enjoy cooking, I don't enjoy cooking every night. Especially after a 10+ hr. workday. Nor do I enjoy the last minute grocery run, the ever-present, still-forgotten ingredient or getting the kitchen that messy for just that. I never imagined the kitchen would be deemed 'my domain'. Nor did I ever think I was going to be a little Susie-Home-Maker and have home-cooked meals on the table every night for my husband and myself. Pa-leease! But, alas… it is my domain. My husband is, as I say, kitchen-illiterate. As a very proud and stubborn person I struggled with falling into this archetype. But, if we're going eat healthy food and not pay an arm and a leg for it... I'm doing the cooking. And, if that's going to happen, I'm going to make it work for me.

On a whim, on a holiday break last year, I ventured on to the holy Pinterest and actually cooked from one of those pinned recipes. Holy cow guys… life. changing. This is like life's greatest loop-hole! It's amazing. I cooked FOUR times last year. Five if you include Thanksgiving. FOUR TIMES! It might have been a choice made on a whim but there have been so many benefits, I'm never looking back.

What are those benefits?? Allow me to share because they are glorious...

Freezer Meal Plan PROS:

  • Save $$$. With meals always readily-available you are far less inclined to dine out and spend double the money.
  • Much healthier. Because you aren't dining out, you are in complete control of what you are eating. And, with the money you save from not eating out.. it's much easier on the wallet to afford all organic ingredients from Whole Paycheck Whole Foods or local, organic meat from your local market (Hey, North Market!)
  • Because you are cooking in bulk, you will most likely actually use ALL of that weird oil or spice your recipe requires you to use that is so random, you will most likely never use at any other time.
  • You cook ONCE and food lasts for at least a month and a half. You could even venture to cooking seasonally, people. Get crazy.
  • You can save your recipes in smaller portions so you don't have to commit to eating the same thing all week or even eating the same thing as the person you are eating with.

And my favorite:
  • Timing. Because let's be honest at the end of the day, you pretty much only have energy and time to heat up a meal. Forget cooking one from scratch.

Do I have your attention yet?? Good. Stay tuned. This was just an introduction. Next up: Tips and recipes I've personally tried and had success with.